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Super Trend Setter

More info about Super Trend Setter and what I worked on.

Game Info

What is Super Trendsetter?

In Super Trendsetter you play as an aspiring influencer whose goal is to help make their hometown happier. You will do this by interacting with 13 different activities, and then posting about them on “Zwitter”. This will, in turn, grant you more followers, allowing you to influence even more people.

Work Info

What did I do?

I was the UI programmer and designer for this project. My work was to make the UI sketch in Figma and then implement it into the game. Unfortunately, the project was not flawless. We ran into some issues with the scope and performance, but despite that, we pushed on through, and while the finished product was not what we had originally thought of, it was a project I and my team felt happy about.


One of my Blueprints

TThe following is the BPs that handles the phone, I'm well aware the I should of done multiple smaller UserWidgets but that thought struck me about 1.5 week into the project and it felt like it was far to late to change that.