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Lighthouse Of Shadows

More info about Lighthouse Of Shadows and what I worked on.

Game Info

What is Lighthouse Of Shadows?

Lighthouse of Shadows was a 7-week project in which we created a fairly simple first-person shooter game. The game loop included you going to generators between the start and end points and fighting waves of enemies while trying to power up the engine.

Work Info

What did I do?

For this project, I was tasked with creating and implementing the UI into the game alongside designers. One of the few things I did was a "skill check" UI for the weapon cooldown; it was heavily inspired by Dead By Daylights generator "skill check" wheel.


One of my Blueprints

This is my blueprint that is responsible for the Skill Check logic. In my opinion, when it comes to logic for specific parts of the UI in Unreal, it is far simpler to just make it in blueprints.