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Heat & Yeet

More info about Heat & Yeet and what I worked on.

Game Info

What is Heat & Yeet?

Heat & Yeet is a CO-OP game where two players race against the clock to deliver food. Player 1 will be the truck driver navigating the city to find the easier path to the delivery point while avoiding traffic. At the same time, player 2 is the chef inside the truck, trying to cook the food requested. The only issue is that if the truck is going too fast, you will have a hard time working in peace as you'll be thrown around!

Work Info

What did I do?

I was the programmer lead and gameplay programmer. As the gameplay programmer, I made the "AI" traffic system, cooking mechanic, and order system. As the programmer lead, my main job was simply to keep the project managers up to date about how the programmer team was coming along and, at times, offer my help to the other programmers with issues they had.


Some Code Snippets

No code avalible due to Futuregames deleting the perforce servers.